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Social Integration Key to Home Builder Marketing

September 6, 2013

12176415-meredith-oliver-aka-the-digital-divaGuest Blogger: Meredith Oliver, Internet Sales & Marketing expert, Creating WOW Communications

Most of us can no longer imagine a day without sharing, liking, commenting or following whatever information we find interesting via social media. Given the soaring use of social media it is not surprising that being active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or Pinterest has become an inseparable part of home builder marketing. When home builders integrate social media within the company website it allows your visitors to engage with your product and company on a much deeper level. It also allows visitors to easily share your information with others. If you don’t currently have social sharing buttons on your website there are several free/low cost social sharing tool bars you can easily integrate on your website such as AddThis and ShareThis. Both of these tool bars can be customized and provide analytics reporting on their results.

In addition to increasing engagement, the use of social sharing on your home builder website impacts your search engine rankings. recently posted a really good article titled, “The Three Pillars of SEO in 2013: Content, Links and Social Media” which I highly recommend.  The article explains that content and links aren’t enough to rank well on Google search; social interaction is also an important factor.

There’s a couple of techniques you can use to integrate social media into your home builder website. Here are the most effective options:

  • Social Media Buttons – Placing icons of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and others anywhere on the site (usually at the top, left, right, or bottom of your webpage). Remember the higher you place the buttons on the page the more visible and likely they are to receive interaction.
  • Social Share Buttons – In case your website visitors find the content interesting and want to share it on their own social media profile, they don’t have to leave the site. All it takes is a single click on the social share button. This is excellent for community pages and blog posts.
  • Social Login – Social login represents a situation when your website visitors use an existing login, such as facebook, instead of creating a new one. Of course, people who are not active on social media sites (and therefore have no profile) can use a regular website login. Home builder website’s can use this for the “My Favorites” portion of the site where users can save favorite communities, floor plans and/or available homes in a personal portfolio.
  • Social Commenting – There’s no easier way to give feedback to your posted content, than allowing your visitors to comment on it via their existing social media profiles. Moreover, by commenting under the visitor’s real name you discourage those who intent to post derogatory comments and harm your website. This tool would be excellent for photo gallery pages and blog posts.

These four tips can easily increase user interaction on your home builder website, which can result in creating viral social traffic, and easily help your site rank higher in search engines. It is definitely worth trying!

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Video Mystery Shopping: Don’t gamble on your career! Head to Vegas, baby!

December 5, 2012


Imagine this….you are in Vegas sitting at a high stakes blackjack table….you are holding a seven and a nine…that’s a total of 16. Do you ‘stay’ or ‘take a hit’? It’s a gamble either way. If you ‘stay’ it is doubtful you will beat the dealer with a measly sixteen. If you hit, chances are high that you will surpass the goal of 21. So, what do you do??

In this particular situation, the statistics waiver on what you should do. Most agree that it really depends on WHAT cards the dealer is holding. Either way, you run the risk of losing.

However, I have a better scenario for you to think about!

Imagine this….you are in Vegas sitting in the audience at the International Builders’ Show Super Sales Rally…on the stage are top sales trainers and speakers sharing with you proven sales techniques and tips that will increase your business and your bottom line…, that’s a sure bet!

When you invest in yourself and your business, the chances are MUCH higher that you will leave Vegas a winner, not a loser. So, mark your calendars and make plans to attend the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas January 22 – 24, 2013.

IBS is the largest annual new home construction show in the world!  There are more than 100 educational sessions (featuring national renowned speaker)s will be conducted over the four day show. More than 55,000 builders, remodelers and other members of the home building industry are expected to attend the event. You can’t afford to miss this tremendous opportunity!

I will be presenting two times at the show and would LOVE to have you in the audience!

“The Super Sales Rally….Bring It”   January 23    9:00-11:30AM (speaking along with John Palumbo, Kerry Mulcrone and Meredith Oliver)

“POP! 30 Secrets to Building and Managing a Firecracker Sales Team!” January 22    10:30-12:00 (with Kathie McDaniel and John Palumbo)

So, gamble on a sure winner….head to Vegas for the International Builder’s Show!


Video Mystery Shopping: Take advantage of YOUR association!

July 19, 2012

It seems over the past couple of months, I have been getting more and more speaking inquiries and opportunities with home builder’s associations from across the country. John Palumbo, Meredith Oliver and I just recently spoke to sell out audiences at two home builder’s associations in Canada, and will be heading to Charlotte, NC in September to speak to their group. The home building industry seems to be making a huge come back with regards to association involvement and participation, and I couldn’t be happier!

Your local home builders association is a vital part of your professional career. In addition to the fabulous networking opportunities and educational programs they offer, industry associations allow you the chance to form strong relationships with peers and work together to make a positive difference for the homebuilding industry.

The past few years were tough for many trade associations. Staff had been eliminated, budgets were cut and overall, builder participation and membership was down.  Not a good thing at all for your professional trade association!

But lately I have noticed a shift in the wind. Builders associations are coming back bigger and better than ever. I believe the positive changes that I have witnessed this past year truly do reflect the state of our industry. Dare I say that positive feeling about the home building industry is back? You bet your bottom dollar I do!

The Sales and Marketing Councils (SMC) are always a driving force for any home builders association. This is a group of crazy and creative sales and marketing people for goodness sakes, what else would you expect?  Everyone is ‘thinking outside the box’ this year with program and events. I attended a program a few months ago put on by the Tampa Bay Builder’s Association in which they had a panel of experts in the building industry speaking to over 100 Realtors about to SELL new homes. It was phenomenal! These are the types of programs that will help to revitalize the industry!

Bottom line, if you are not involved with your local builders association……get involved. It is a key component to not only YOUR success, but the industry’s overall success as well. Get involved!

Guest Columnist Meredith Oliver: WALK the LINE: Why salespeople should avoid religion, sex, and politics in social media

June 8, 2011

Meredith Oliver

 Social media networking sites are wonderful tools to connect salespeople with their prospects and existing customers. These days, you can even engage in a political discussion with your prospects/customers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, you’d be treading very dangerous waters if you do! 

If you wouldn’t normally make a sales call and start talking politics, then you shouldn’t do it on a social networking site either.  Remember, it’s not just sales people who are using social media to do research. Buyers use social networking sites too.  If you post all of your political, religious and other controversial information on your business site, then a potential buyer that does not share your political views may not want to do business with you. Not to mention that you place yourself in a weakened negotiating position.

 That’s not to say you can’t engage in “hot button” discussions with your friends and family on Facebook. Just keep these personal discussions separate from your professional life. Create a business page on Facebook and use it strictly for business. Limit comments to your personal profile and adjust your privacy settings so your comments aren’t shared with anyone beyond your immediate circle.  

However, you should probably still be careful what you post online. While you can control who YOU share your information with, you can’t control what your friends and family share. As a result, there is still a possibility that whatever you post online can be found by someone conducting a Google search.

 Unless your business happens to involve politics or religion, the safer course to follow is to avoid discussing these subjects online or in-person with your professional contacts. Remember what happens on Facebook, doesn’t always stay on Facebook! 

 If your sales team needs social media training, Meredith Oliver’s Social Media Boot Camp can teach your salespeople click-by-click how to use social media to increase sales. Call, e-mail, text or send Meredith Oliver a carrier pigeon for more information – whatever works for you!