“Video Mystery Shops help measure performance”

When performance gets measured, improvement occurs. No argument there. But even more important to realize is when performance gets measured and reported back by the performer, the rate of improvement accelerates in dramatic proportion!

What this means is when you get back the results of the video shops of your sales team, you need to have your team evaluate themselves. We recommend giving your sales team a blank report and let them self score. We suggest they watch their video shop 3 times. The first two times, they will be focusing on how they look rather than what they are saying. The 3rd time, they will need to focus in on what they say, how they say it and their sales process and then write-up their observations.

When scheduling a one on one coaching with each salesperson, simply start the meeting with,

“Ok, let’s start with your observations on what you did well….” Then move on to “Ok, tell me what you need to work on”. We are our own worst critic and to see dramatic improvements, try having the salesperson come up with their own plan for improvement.


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