“What kind of DEAL can I get?”

What Kind of Deal Can I Get? 

Have you heard that lately?  I’ll bet you hear it everyday at with your prospects.. With the current buyers market, prospects are meeting with you and instantly asking about “deals”

“What’s your special?  ABC is offering $______ off the price, can you do better?  

If you answer instantly, you lose.  Why?  Because you are discussing price and terms BEFORE they have an opportunity to “fall in love.” with your (product/service.) When you hear your prospect inquire about your incentives, the smart response is the following…

“I’m glad you asked about that.  We have many special features  that are unique and different.  But first, I’d like to find out exactly what you’re looking for so I can offer you the best ____________ to fit your needs.  Tell me exactly what you’re looking for…” (Go right into qualifying).

If they are insisting that you tell them the “deals,” reply with…

“Are you looking for the cheapest price only or is value what you’re really after?”

The prospect may reply with “Well, value, of course.  We want the most for our money.”

This is where you can put them at ease by replying “I can assure you that there are always going to be lower priced________ than ours.  But if you’re looking for quality_______, a superior ____________and a company who is here for the long haul, we are your choice.”

Always sell VALUE before discussing price.  This is similar to the prospect that asks you to just “email the price” or “mail a brochure”.  If you do that, you do not have an opportunity to find out their needs, wants, time frame, budget, etc. You will be reduced to a “commodity” where price is the only differentiation.

I do not sell via email. I get 99% email inquiries from my website. My goal is then to set phone appointments to discuss their needs. If they won’t take 5 minutes to do that, I tell them I’m not the company for them because this is what I would be teaching their sales team to do. By just responding to price questions via email, I have no opportunity to customize my offer and find out my prospect’s “pain”.

To close more sales, name your price and back it up with your value driven promise. Then over deliver!! There will always be someone else “cheaper”. Remind your prospect that “cheap” is not always the way to go. If it was, we’d all be driving used Pintos!


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2 Responses to ““What kind of DEAL can I get?””

  1. Mike Lyon Says:

    Melinda – great post. I especially like the part about picking up the phone. As powerful as the the internet and a website can be for generating leads, I have also found that if you want to move a prospect forward in the process – nothing is better than the good ole’ fashion telephone.


    Mike Lyon

  2. Paul Gortzig Says:

    Thank you very much for your article on this subject. As a person responsible for the development of new home sales talent, your article has echoed the exact same approach I have taken with my team through their negotiations. They all have been faced with these questions and when handled properly on the front end of the negotiation instead of submitting an offer to my office and negotiating the purchase agreement, we can shorten the sales process and set the sales team up as the hero in the transaction. The role playing I do after the transaction has been put together is helpful, however, being prepared with this on the front end builds credibility in our sales teams and makes for smoother negotiations. Melinda, you have been wonderful. Hope to see you in Denver soon!!!

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