Homebuilders, Learn to Sell Your Services

When Jason Swaner began selling condos at Texas & Pacific Lofts, an urban reuse project in a historic railroad station in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, he encountered a challenge. Swaner, a new home sales consultant for CondoSmart, the selling agent for T&P Lofts, had never before sold homes with a homeowners’ association.  He found himself faced with overcoming the same objection over and over: the added expense of .38 per square foot per year in HOA dues. This sometimes meant an extra $500 to $600 added to the mortgage.

“I knew I had to turn it into a features-and-benefits scenario,” says Swaner, whose team has successfully sold 120 out of 136 condos in the project since 2006. He now puts a dollar amount on all the services that the HOA dues will include, such as cable TV and Internet. “There’s already one bill you don’t have to pay,” he tells prospects. Then he explains the 24/7 concierge service, workout facility and maintenance of the common areas. He tells prospects, “If you live in a sharp and clean property, that adds value to your home. And if you go to sell it in five years, this is maintaining appreciation over time.

Click here to read more about Melinda Brody’s new homes sales training published article in Housingzone.com.


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